Family Histories


Family memories are precious. The Silver Chronicle specialises in recording and preserving the stories of individuals and families. We believe every family has a unique story to pass on to future generations. We provide a means for family memories to be collected and shared, before they are lost forever.

So often we don’t get around to recording the stories and memories of our loved ones before it is too late. Individuals in our families, our elders for example, have fascinating and important stories to pass on.

We offer two methods of recoding stories and family histories.

Family History Films

In order to capture and record your history, we create films we call digital stories. These are short documentaries that are an engaging way of recording sharing and preserving stories and histories for future generations. Your film can combine interviews, photographs, research documents, audio or any other recorded family history and are a great way of getting the whole family involved in recording the family history. More information about our family history films can be found here. 

Family History Websites

To record your history, we create your own “interactive archive”. This is a private and permanent family website that is an engaging way of recording, organising and sharing your family history with relatives and friends anywhere in the world. Your website brings together interviews, film, photos, tributes, stories, research, letters or anything you wish and organises them into a single archive. Read more about out family history websites here. 

Not sure what’s best? Feel free to call or email us and we can help you find the best way to record your stories.