PADSIP Program

The PADSIP program is an educational project based on developing relationships between students and older adults. The program involves pairing students with older participants from the community. The students and participants work together in pairs or small groups to create short films. Students learn to how to write scripts, conduct interviews and shoot and edit their films.

The program involves sharing experiences and stories between the generations and has lead to enduring intergenerational friendships. The process is just as important as the end product as it provides a valuable opportunity for the sharing of experiences across the generations.

The program has existed in several high schools in Melbourne for 11 years. It has proved applicable to any year level and can be built into the curriculum under areas such as English, History, Media, Community and Social Studies. The older adults participating have come from a broad range of different ages and cultures, either living at home or in residential care.

The program can be adapted to run over a term, semester or a whole year.

PADSIP at Auburn High School in 2017
A week by week breakdown on the project

PADSIP at Auburn High School in 2016